Mob Wife Aesthetic

Adriana La Cerva-core, but with extra Serva. We’ve got everything you need at EGO to pull off the ultimate mob wife aesthetic fit. It’s all about the glam and luxe vibes with this one, so get on the trend for your next devastating, (maybe even lethal) look! You’re gonna look like a million dollars.

We’re talking classic high heel boots, corset tops, glitzy necklaces, the works. It’s big maximalist vibes with mob wife fashion, so don’t be afraid to go all out. Most importantly, the cherry on top to make or break the mob wife aesthetic has to be the legendary faux fur jacket. Get wrapped up in one of our many choices in a range of iconic designs for the perfect blend of cosy and powerful.

Crime pays, and so will these fits when all eyes are on you. Grab your mob wife fashion here and find your on-trend pair of stilettos, mini skirts, lace co-ords and more to perfect the look. Or, you can sleep with the fishes. Your choice!

Set Descending Direction
  1. Oversized Wool Look Blazer Dress In Charcoal Grey
    As low as CA$22.00 ( 69% off) Regular Price CA$72.00
  2. Halterneck Rose Detail Mini Dress In Stone Mesh
    As low as CA$9.00 ( 59% off) Regular Price CA$22.00
  3. Oversized Belted Detail Blazer Dress In Black Woven
    As low as CA$27.00 ( 49% off) Regular Price CA$53.00
  4. Low Rise Mini Bodycon Skirt In Cherry Red Texture
    As low as CA$9.00 ( 65% off) Regular Price CA$26.00
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