Women’s Jacket Sale

Every wardrobe needs a selection of jackets and coats so you can add a fashionable statement layer to an outfit. When the temperatures drop a little, you never want to be caught short so having a stunning jacket with you can keep you comfortable.

At EGO, our fabulous women’s jacket sale is here for you to find your next favourite piece of clothing. Top off any outfit for brunch, a date night or anything else with something from our puffer jacket sale. These on-trend jackets are available in a wide variety of colours, designs and styles – perfect for every type of style.

Whatever your style, you can find the perfect item for you in EGO’s women’s coats sale. Wrap up warm, add a fashionable layer to an outfit, and vibe with a stylish jacket at low prices.

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  1. Oversized Pocket Detail Bomber Jacket In Cream
    As low as CA$11.00 ( 85% off) Regular Price CA$74.00
  2. Buckle Belt Detail Aviator Jacket In Black Borg
    As low as CA$13.00 ( 85% off) Regular Price CA$87.00
  3. Borg Detail Aviator Jacket In Silver Metallic
    As low as CA$11.00 ( 90% off) Regular Price CA$105.00
  4. Oversized Ruched Sleeve Detail Bomber Jacket In Blue
    As low as CA$8.00 ( 88% off) Regular Price CA$67.00
  5. Oversized Bomber Jacket In Silver Metallic Vinyl
    As low as CA$8.00 ( 92% off) Regular Price CA$96.00
  6. Borg Detail Aviator Jacket In Blue Metallic
    As low as CA$18.00 ( 83% off) Regular Price CA$105.00
  7. Onion Quilted Longline Gilet In Nude
    As low as CA$11.00 ( 80% off) Regular Price CA$54.00
  8. Button Front Tie Detail Cropped Jacket In Grey
    As low as CA$8.00 ( 87% off) Regular Price CA$62.00
  9. Blazer In Silver Croc Print Metallic
    As low as CA$11.00 ( 77% off) Regular Price CA$47.00
  10. Zip Up Cropped Parachute Jacket In Printed Beige
    As low as CA$13.00 ( 63% off) Regular Price CA$35.00
  11. Bandeau Crop Top In Iridescent Silver Sequin
    As low as CA$15.00 ( 48% off) Regular Price CA$29.00
  12. Cowl Neck Open Back Detail Crop Top In White Sequin
    As low as CA$11.00 ( 65% off) Regular Price CA$31.00
  13. Ruched Detail Mini Skirt In Blue Metallic
    As low as CA$18.00 ( 33% off) Regular Price CA$27.00