Gold Heels

Our gold heels will make you feel like the queen you are. With a variety of styles, such as gold platform heels and gold lace-up heels, our range will make you feel like you just won gold. Take your heel game to the highest level and crown your feet in golden glory. 

Make your royal self the centre of the room every time you walk in; once you try our golden range, no other heels will do. So take the plunge and treat yourself to some golden heels from EGO. They make the perfect footwear for all styles, but why not have a look for a new statement mini-dress to let the gold really pop? 

If gold takes your fancy, then make sure to browse our huge selection of gold heels. But if you fancy taking a peek at some other heels, then we have a wide spectrum of colours to choose from: silver heels, pink heels, black heels, and so much more. It's heel heaven at EGO.

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