Black Sliders

An absolute essential for just about any girl, you already know black sliders are here to stay. Women’s black sliders make for the perf go-to pair for just about every sitch. Whether you throw some fluffy sliders on as part of your cosy n’ casual outfits or are looking for a statement pair of flat sliders to perfectly complement summer clothes for women, black sliders make for the ideal pick time and time again.

Effortlessly slay with sliders that match the vibe every time. Go fully sleek and understated from head to toe with black co-ords and a pair of black sliders for women, or put together a vibrant fit with a neutral to keep everything tied together. It’s the versatility of a black slider that makes it a long-standing fave for us, and it's definitely soon to be yours if you’ve yet to be enlightened.

Of course, with a slider, it’s all about the comfort, so we’ve got black slider women’s picks that are all about the snugness. Choose a pair of our black rubber sliders that are for sure going to be your next faves, or select some chunky sliders to give your feet that extra bit of padding. However you rock the black slider look, it couldn’t be easier to do with EGO.

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