Flared Trousers

Get ready to hit the town in a fierce pair of flared trousers from EGO. Giving ultimate sassy vibes, women’s flared trousers complete the perfect going-out outfit that will ensure you slay on the dance floor. Or keep it casual with flared trousers fit for your loungewear sets and stay comfy all year long.

Dressed up or dressed down, flared trousers are here to stay. Pick up some black flared trousers and pair them with a crop top and a blazer for a versatile outfit you can wear from day to night. 

Shop women’s flared trousers from EGO and amp up your looks today.

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  1. High Waist Flared Trousers In Silver Sequin
    As low as CA$20.00 ( 43% off) Regular Price CA$35.00
  2. Dipped Waist Flared Leg Trousers In Ivory Texture
    As low as CA$9.00 ( 63% off) Regular Price CA$24.00
  3. High Waist Flared Leg Jeans In Red Metallic Denim
    As low as CA$49.00 ( 27% off) Regular Price CA$67.00
  4. High Waist Flared Leg Trousers In Pink Sequin
    As low as CA$9.00 ( 83% off) Regular Price CA$54.00
  5. Fold Over Waist Detail Flared Trousers In Black Knit
    As low as CA$26.00 ( 35% off) Regular Price CA$40.00
  6. Fold Over Waist Flared Trousers In Grey Contrast Rib
    As low as CA$18.00 ( 38% off) Regular Price CA$29.00
  7. High Waist Frayed Detail Flared Trousers In Stone
    As low as CA$20.00 ( 66% off) Regular Price CA$58.00