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It's Friday - Treat Yoself!

It's Friday the 13th! You won't be getting any bad luck today.. we have a little treat in store for you so you can Shop till you Drop! Keep on Scrollin' to Find The 10% Discount Code for Sitewide! The Autumn Season is well upon us now and it's time to treat yourself and update your seasonal wardrobe!

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Send In The Angels

It's that time of year ladies where we all obsess, drool and feel a little down in the dumps. Yes, people it's the Victoria Secrets show. We saw so many backstage pictures that got us so JEL that we wanted to be there watching it live. We can't wait to watch the full show in December!

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Grey Lovin'

Trends come and go like there is literally no tomorrow and depending upon the person you either conform, adapt or just point blank ignore it.

Here at EGO we love a bit of trend followin' and I'm sure you will to. So, with this in mind we decided to show you just how this colour trend can be rocked on out for Autumn/Winter 2015. 

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Damn we're lovin' Denim

Denim, well what can we say about denim? Apart from that it's like the most amazing fabric that you'll probably ever buy. Yeah, I sound pretty over enthusiastic but c'mon now how much can this one fabric change not only your mood, but your style. From bashin' it on throughout the day right on through to the night it can seriously leave you feelin' fierce.

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The Fringe Factor

Right now I bet you're hearin' the Xfactor ringing in your head, capturing that deep tone of the voice-over man and wondering why the hell you're lookin' at fringed shoes instead of people singing. Well, don't fear people if it's fringed shoes and inspo that you're after then you are in the right place.

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Shake ya' Pom Pom's

"Shake ya pom pom's, Shake ya pom pom's, Shake ya pom poooom's"

Okay, so this ain’t the actual wording for the song but it fit’s so, SO well. Coming into this winter is the beyond amazin’ trend of faux fur stylin’. From the scarf to the shoe, faux fur is all the rage with EGO and fashionista’s right now. So, with this in mind we thought it only right to show more #inspo on the trend that's grippin' the fashion nation and just how those Pom Pom's come into it..

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Suede Sista

Trends come and go throughout the seasons, but one that's definitely here to stay is suede. Worn by many fashionistas, bloggers and everyday women around the world, we all style it up in our own ways. Whether it be day or night suede lovin' is here to stay. And for those of you who aint lovin' it maybe grab on board as this one ain't going nowhere. 

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