Thursday Treats... Because Fat Friday Is Just Too Far Away

Okay, so you're probably thinkin' were pretty thick because Friday comes straight after Thursday so it's not even that far. But...we need that sugar, People!

If we ain't all talkin' about food then we're usually munchin' on down. So, a post on our obsession was definately needed.(I'm eatin' aTwirl Chococlate bar as we speak).

See below for some major food inspo that'll leave you droolin all over.


 Take a bite of a burger


Drooling already....Where's McDonalds from here?


 Fries time


A larger size of fries-Hell Yeah.


Coca Cola drinks in pretty bottles 


Full Fat coke: Essential


Dreaming of doughnuts 


Pretendin' we're American. Who doesn't love a doughnut though?


Scoffing cake down us as caramel is heaven 


There's much, much more out there but for now that'll do because we've gotta fit into that party dress pronto.

With Love, The EGO Team x

P.S, We're totally only eatin' so much to keep us warm through these cold Winter nights....