The Spice Girls Reunion


You heard the news - they’re back. Whether you’re headin’ to the reunion, or just reminiscing over the 90’s - the news of the Spice Girls reunion has filled us with a mix of excitement and nostalgia. We believe every gal group has got their own Scary, Ginger, Baby and Sporty spice, so it’s only natural you share their shoedrobe, too. No matter which gal you identify with the most, we’ve got you covered with our Spice Girls-inspired collections.

The Spice Girls Reunion

Formed in 1994, the Spice Girls quickly became one of the biggest bands in the world after their debut single, ‘Wannabe’, hit number one in over 35 countries. Shortly after, their debut album, ‘Spice’, became the best-selling album by a female girl band, selling over 31 million copies. #GirlPower

Ginger Spice left the group in 1998 and the group broke up shortly after in 2000, breakin’ so many hearts.

But last week, the girls (minus Posh Spice) announced the Spice Girls reunion and everyone went crazy. After all, they did say that friendship never ends...

Here at EGO, we could not be more excited about the news (we’ve got our credit cards at the ready). But while we wait for the tickets to go on sale, we’re gonna be spicing up our shoedrobes with our Spice Girls-inspired collections.


Ginger Spice

Ginger Spice (aka Geri Halliwell) was arguably the most fiery member of the group. With her striking red hair, statement outfits and bold footwear - she certainly wasn’t one to shy away from the limelight.  ginger spice

If you like to be the leader of the pack, then you’re going to be all over our Ginger Spice-inspired collection. With every style of red heel you could ever wish for - you’ll definitely be standin’ out from the crowd in these, girl.

Baby Spice

Girly, sweet and positive - Baby Spice was the youngest member of the girl band. The blonde, blue-eyed beauty was always smiling and rarely seen without something pink in her outfit. Unlike the other girls in the band, Baby Spice wasn’t sassy, fierce or intimidating in any way - allowing her to win the hearts of their fans.

baby spice

If you identify with Baby Spice, then you’re going to be lovin’ our pink heels collection. Whether you team ‘em with some mom jeans and a plain tee during the day, or wear ‘em when you’re heading out-out - this collection will definitely spice up your life.

Scary Spice

Scary Spice, aka Mel B, was known as the fiercest, loudest member of the Spice Girls. With big hair, a big voice and an even bigger personality - Scary Spice was never short of confidence. Never seen far from an animal print garm - Scary Spice definitely wouldn’t look out of place with 2018’s animal print trend.

scary spice

If you’re fierce af (or just love animal print), then this is the collection that you’ll want… that you’ll really, really want. Featurin’ all the hottest animal print shoes of this season, you’re sure to be struttin’ around in style, girl.

Sporty Spice

As the tomboy of the group, a competitive nature and her athletic figure - Mel C adopted the nickname ‘Sporty Spice’. As one of the most laid back members of the Spice Girls, Sporty Spice often took a back seat in interviews and left the talking to the more dominant members of the group.

sporty spice

If you want to channel your inner Sporty Spice, then we’ve got the ultimate laid-back collection for you. From totally on-trend chunky trainers, to eye-catching embellished trainers - you’ll be slayin’ in comfort and style for the Spice Girls reunion.


And there you have it - four killer shoe collections to make sure you’re slayin’ at the Spice Girls reunion in 2019.