Manchester Pride: Meet The Queens


With Manchester Pride just around the corner (Friday 23rd - Monday 26th), it's time to go big or go home and let's be honest, who's going home during Pride (absolutely no one before 4am, trust us). So we went BIG. We got the QUEENS of Manchester Pride into Ego HQ for an in-house shoot that's gonna leave you SHOOK. #HausOfKendoll (@smintydrop, @gothykendoll, @bayxken and @rehabhemminge) rocked up, beat their faces and posed like the icons that they absolutely are.

AND if you haven't already seen plastered across @dragraceukbbc's Instagram account, Gothy is going to be on the FIRST series of RuPaul's Drag Race UK, starting this October! We heard it here first at Ego HQ.


We caught up with the QUEENS post-shoot and got the low-down on Pride, the lives of the super-glam and where they get their inspo from.

Q. What does Pride mean to you?

Sminty: It's really special to see the parade and all the different sub categories that make up the LGBT community. It's lovely to see a big community come together and have fun, it makes me really happy.

Q. Who's your biggest inspiration?

Gothy: Grace Jones. She was someone who was really ahead of her time politically and visually, I just think she's so cool.

Q. What mantra do you live by?

Rehab: Live fast, die young - always!


Q. If you were to die tomorrow, how would you want to be remembered? 

Bay: Being a good-time, dynamite gal (*cue laughter from every Queen*).

Sminty: My big lips! I draw them on as big as I can. Gotta be remembered because they look like paper cuts when I'm not in drag ...

Q. What is your favourite lip-syncing song?

Rehab: Nicki Minaj - Rip It

Bay: Ariana Grande - Break Free

Sminty: Britney Spears - Circus ... basically any Britney Spears song!

Q. And finally Queens, what's your favourite Ego shoe?

Sminty: The one I'm wearing right now, Lila!

Bay: Risky, the fluffy one! It's SO cute. I wanna run round my house in them!

Wanna see more of the Queens? Follow us on Instagram @egoofficial! They'll be doing a Pride takeover for us on Saturday (24th), filming the parade and the parties. You won't wanna miss out girl!

Another thing you won't wanna miss? Our Pride competition! We're giving FOUR of you the chance to WIN a Fries Clutch Bag from Monaveen London and a pair of shoes from Ego. Head over to our Instagram page here to enter! Go go GO, you've got 48 hours.

Happy Pride from us to you. Love is love huns x