How to Beat Freshers' Flu Once and for All

It’s that time of the year again; September is in full swing, the temperature’s dropped, the evenings are darker but more importantly, freshers is on its way and so is freshers' flu. Depending on which University you’re heading to, you might have already had your freshers week but for many, freshers is swiftly on it’s way and with it comes freshers flu.

If this is your first freshers then be prepared to be very ill by the end. Freshers' flu isn’t actually a type of flu, more just a bad cold. I mean, excessive drinking seven nights in a row was never going to end well, right? Well fear not, us EGO girls have put together our top tips on how to beat it.


1. Painkillers are your new best friend


Headache? Sore throat? Crippling stomach pain? Head for the painkillers aisle. Stock up well because you may think you’re not the type to get hangovers but that will soon change once the freshers' flu hits!

2. Drink plenty of water


H2O is so great and is the only real cure of getting rid of your freshers' flu. Drink plenty of water before you go out, have a sip of water in between drinks and then drink plenty in the morning and you’ll just about manage.

3. Get some sleep


Remember that thing you’re actually supposed to have every night? It might be tempting to stay out until 6am every night but we can guarantee you won’t last the week. Do what every student does and get to the club before 10 for free entry and then head home at 2!

4. Avoid fast food


McDonalds every night sounds like a dream, 20 chicken nuggets, milkshake, what more could you need? Well sorry to sound like your mother but you need your veggies. I know the thought of a piece of broccoli may make your stomach turn but getting your 5 a day is needed if you don’t want to get ill.

5. Exercise


The thought of getting up and going for a run may seem like the worst idea ever but let us explain. Having a shower and going for a quick run for 20 mins will boost your immune system so you can get back on it the following night.

6. Get some fresh air


You wake up, feel like complete rubbish and slob around your room all day in bed binge watching Netflix. We’ve all been there, and still do… but get outside, get out of your stuffy hangover room and get some fresh air. Meet a friend for coffee or if you really can’t get out of bed even just opening a window will make you feel a bit better.

7. Stay clean


We know this one’s obvious but freshers' week is intense. Getting up close and personal with your new hall friends is the easiest way to catch a cold and the best way to prevent this is to stay clean. Keep some hand sani on you at all times, wash your hands (obvs) and swill some mouthwash for fresh breath.

8. Have a flat party


If freshers' week is getting a bit heavy then split it up with a flat party. A night away from sweaty, germy students grinding on each other in a club might be all you need to stop you getting freshers' flu. Not only will you still have a great time but you’ll save some dollar too and won’t spend all night queueing.

Have you had freshers' flu and have your own tips? Let us know on Twitter by tweeting @egofootwear