Are ya ready? Have you got some armour on and runnin' out the door? Have you saved all your money just for this one day? If you've answered yes to all of the above then you're definately a Black Friday addict. 

It's that time of year people when the crazy person in us all comes out and we strive to get that bargain deal. In case your weird and don't know what I'm on about, well it's only Black Friday! Originating in America and pretty much the day when people go cray cray, Black Friday makes sure we're all buying something at a discounted price even if we didn't necessarily need it. However, with Black Friday does come some benefits as shopping for Christmas presents gets oh so cheaper. And if that aint enough for you to get your shoes on and runnin' to the door then I don't know what will. 

For all you lovely lot who just can't face those in-store sales, look no further than online and at EGO. Providing presents, and all round amazin' shoes since early 2015, you're bound to find somethin fierce'.

See below for Black Friday Inspo from our EGO Bargain shop. 


Party Poppin' Heels

To shop this range for dancin' the night away then simply click the image below. 

 Team these beauties with an amazin' dress, dainty jewellery and let the shoes do the talkin' 




Daytime Dancin'

A lot of us don't hit up the club scene with some opting for a pub.

See below for some daytime inspo for those boozy brunches.

Throw on with some skinny fit jeans and a detailed cape

-Tap for link


Dancing through the day.  


Long Legs

With it comin' into Winter we've got the ultimate long boots for you.

Keepin' you warm but bang on style, EGO are keepin' you fierce.  

-Team with some fitted jeans, a midi skirt or dress and you're all set for struttin'.


 Bringing out the long boots for Winter


Should none of the Black Friday steals tickle ya fancy (er, are you weird?) then be sure to shop the rest of the EGO site with a discount of 20% applied to all full price items. 

Just type in code '20TREAT'.


-Happy Shopping!

With Love, The EGO Team x