The Best Horror Films on Netflix This Halloween

Halloween is nearly upon us, but it wouldn’t be complete without a horror film or two. Whether you’re a seasoned horror film devotee, or you prefer to hide behind a cushion - you must watch some horror films on fright night - it’s like… the rules of Halloween. So grab your popcorn and find something (or someone...) to hide behind - these are the best horror films on Netflix to give you a spook on October 31st.

Selfie From Hell

Calling all selfie queens! This is the film for you. But - be warned - you might never take another selfie again.


We’re all guilty of taking a selfie (or seven) on the reg, but what if a lil’ scroll through Insta could actually kill you?

Well that’s nearly what happens to vlogger Julia in this film. It begins with Julia telling her followers that she’s going to be investigating the ‘selfie from hell’... ooooh, intriguing. She then goes to visit her cousin, Hannah, in America. In the car on the way back from the airport, Hannah notices Julia fiddling with her cracked phone screen, but thinks no more of it. When they finally arrive at Hannah’s house, Julia falls into a coma.

A doctor tells Hannah that Julia has been infected by a terrible infection and that she will need antibiotics every eight hours. With her cousin still in a coma, Hannah starts receiving strange texts from Julia… weird.

Obviously a little shaken up, Hannah decides to do some research on her cousin, stumbling upon the dark net. She soon discovers a ‘Black Room’, where you’re presented with 13 selfies and if you look at all of them, your screen cracks and ‘something evil sets its eyes on you’. We won’t ruin the rest.

Who Should Watch This?

Social media meets the dark web - if you’re a social media junkie, then this is the film for you. Very tense and jumpy, but not overly scary - it’s great for both horror lovers and haters alike.

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The Cabin in the Woods

Chris Hemsworth? Shirtless? Need we say more?

If that doesn’t convince you to watch it - nothing will.


Five good looking teenagers visit a remote cabin for the weekend… what could possibly go wrong? Plenty, apparently.

Unaware of the horrors that lie in wait for them, the teenagers party, playing Truth or Dare, while two scientists - Sitterson and Hadley - plot their demise. Grim, huh?

During their game of Truth or Dare, the door of the cellar pops open and, of course, the group decide to explore and find a load of weird things, including a puzzle ball, a jewellery box and a diary. The diary has been written by a member of The Buckner Family, the cabin’s former inhabitants and, after reading it out loud, the group summon the Buckner family from their graves. Ooops!

The group then spend the remainder of the film trying to escape their deaths, whether or not they survive will remain a secret. Soz.

Who Should Watch This?

If you’re not a diehard horror fan, then this is the film for you. Tense, but not overly, gory, but not too much - this is the perfect film to ease you into the genre.

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The Purge

It could be argued that The Purge is more of a thriller than a horror film, but if Netflix classes it as a horror, then so. do. we.


For one night of the year, all crime is legal. Sorry, what?

America is ravaged by crime, the prisons are overcrowded and crime rates are high AF. So, in order to lower crime rates for the rest of the year, all crimes are legal for twelve hours. Think you could just stay indoors watching Netflix? Think again, girl - they’ll be in your house like a shot.

The film follows a family over the course of this 12-hour period, who are pushed to their limits when masked strangers attempt to break into their home. Do they stick to their morals or do they kill him before he kills them? Tense is not the word.

Who Should Watch This?

The worst part about this film is, perhaps, how realistic the plot is. What if the world goes mad one day and makes crime legal for one night? Scary thought, huh? You’ll be triple-checking the locks on your door after watching this - trust us.

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IT Follows

Thought-provoking, jumpy and oh-so creepy, this is a must-watch this Halloween.


Jay and Hugh are high-schoolers who have just started dating. Cute. After being together for a while, Hugh and Jay decide to take the next step in their relationship. But - out of nowhere - Hugh chloroforms her. What a gent.

When she wakes up, Jay is tied to a chair with Hugh stood in front of her. He tells her that he’s infected her with a curse and that some scary AF figure will start following her and trying to kill her. If it does manage to kill her, the curse will be passed back to Hugh. The only way to get rid of the curse is to pass it onto someone else. Nice, huh?

Does Jay get rid of the curse? Or does the curse get rid of her…?

Who Should Watch This?

Everyone should watch this. It’s tense, scary and boasts a fair few twists throughout. But it’s also got a deeper, underlying meaning - how you interpret it is up to you. It might just make you think before rushing into things with your next bae, though.

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Whether you’re a fan of gore, prefer films to be jumpy AF, or aren’t a fan of horror films at all - it’s essential to watch one of these films on fright night. As some of the best horror films on Netflix RN, you’re sure to get a fright or two watching these. We’d love to know your thoughts - let us know your fave horror film on Twitter - @egofootwear.